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World War 1 ....
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This page was made with original databases created by the volunteers at 3rd St. Book Exchange's "Free Genealogy Library" and the many Links available on WWW. Source material is clearly credited.

Original DataBases

Fort Worden Cemetery, Port Townsend WA Read the summer of 2000 Washington High School Yearbook 1917 Portland Oregon
With the Colors page lists former students now in service

Marysville Globe This starts with July 1917. President Wilson has declared war. Men and boys have just finished the first registration for the draft. People are excited... and a professor brightens the picture by claiming only 1 in 30 men (boys) will die of a war related injury.
Jefferson High School Yearbooks 1918 and 1919 Portland Oregon
Color Bearers pages lists former students in service

San Juan County WW1 List with Biographies

Skagit County WW1 List with Biographies

Snohomish County WWI Index with Biographies A-B

Snohomish County Honored Dead list

SouthWest Washington WW1 List with Biographies mostly Lewis County

Whatcom County WW1 Index
Yakima County WW1 Index this isn't one of my original databases..instead it is a link to Yakima County USGenWeb Page

Selected Biographies from Lewis County

Some of the biographies are very descriptive and some have more detail then the rest, I have selected a few (Like usual, there is more left unsaid).


Military Bases


American Defense Forts
Alphabetical List of Forts
Military Forts Fort Casey and Fort Flagler, located across from each other at the northern end of Puget Sound

Fort Casey WA

Admiralty Head Lighthouse
Admiralty Head Lighthouse The Original Lighthouse at Admiralty Head began service in 1861 and was the first wooden lighthouse in the Washington Territory.
Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve
Ebey Historical Reserve
Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve
Mickey Clark
Fred and Penny's Home Page long wait for many pictures...of old cars

Fort Flagler

4th Battalion, 3d Air Defense Artillery

Camp Lewis

from the collection of R. Gess Smith

My Decoration Page More Ft Lewis picture from the collection of R. Gess Smith
Fort Lewis
African American Soldiers From the Spanish American War to 1917

Fort Worden WA

Private William 'Willem' Breukel
Fort Worden history
Fort Worden State Park with current map.
Fort Worden Historic District

Vancouver Barracks

150 years at Vancouver Barracks Clark County Historical Society
Libby MT Men who served in the Army or Navy
14th Infantry Regiment Golden Dragons
Base Realignment and Closure: a Historical Perspective.
Ghosts, Critters and Sacred Places of Washington and Oregon
Military Maps
Grant in California
Dr. John McLoughlin
George Henry Decker
Olympic National Park
First Washington Infantry U.S.V., Records 1899
Fort Vancouver National Historic Site



588 Engineer Battalion Alumni Website ...this is a listing of the 41 U. S. Army Engineer Battalions active as of 31 Jul 1997.
Guard Shack 20th Engr Regt ...This 18,500 man Regiment came from the American Forest Industry from Coast to Coast...

Field Artillery

15th Field Artillery Regiment: Indianheads...During July-October 1918, the Regiment supported the 2nd Infantry Division in operations in Soissons, Marbache, and Champagne.


2nd attalion 12th Infantry Regiment
7th Inf. Division (Mechanized)

Spruce Squadron

First World War Images
Getz Genealogy... with a Spruce Squadron service man.
Roll of Tobacco Plains MT Men Who served in Army or Navy
Pearson Field Clark County Historical Society


Biography and Lists

Ross Floyd Martin
honker's List of Vets
Dillon Genealogy
TRADOC Pam 25-50 Addressee trouble reading this page read the source.

United States

Military service records are kept by the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) which is under the jurisdiction of the National Archives and Records Administration.

To request military service records, complete Standard Form 180, Request Pertaining to Military Records. Fill in as much information as possible and send it to the correct address listed on the form by U.S. mail. Please note that it may take up to six months for a reply from NPRC after your written request is received.

You can order actual service records or better still pension records. Pensions for military service were requested either by the soldier or by his dependents after his death.

Department of Veterans Affairs National Cemetery Administration's Web Site
National Personnel Records Center
WWI Draft Registrations at Rootsweb
World War One Inductees from Knox County, Nebraska


Country History




An Excellent Resource page
World War One Document Archive
Propaganda Postcards of the Great War.
Art of the First World War
Paul's Militaria Collection
World War One Songs
World War One Aviation Links
Duane's Militaria Page
Preserve History
WW1 Sites and Links to Other Resources

Individual Diaries and Letters

Letters from the Great War
Brett Oliver's Family History Site


Death on the Wind: Gas Warfare
Gas: Chemical Warfare
Tanks of WW1
Kelley's German Sword Identification


Dept of Veterans Affairs

Living History

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