Snohomish County
World War 1


Snohomish County in the War: The Part Played in the Great War by the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Patriotic Civilians of Snohomish County, Washington, U.S.A.
written by William H. Mason Formerly 1st Leiut., 3d Wash. Inf., N. G.
Published by The Mason Publishing Co., Inc. Everett WA
Copyrighted about 1920

Started way back in January 2000 this project has been worked on by three people, Elaine Swan, Willow, and myself. It still wouldn't be done with out the persistance of Elaine and the good natureness of her husband Lyle... The book was placed online 11 Sep 2002...

This presentation of the book is an extraction, we used the genealogy dating, postal abbreviation for states, and tried to use standard abbreviations... (UW meants University of Washington). This online presentation is in alphabetical order.

The book itself contained few pictures of the men but plenty of lists ... who went to each school... who called what town home... It also contained a chronology of Snohomish county war efforts. and one last word.... this is an extraction that reflects thousands of hours of work .... there ARE errors... either from the original author/publisher or from the typist or the proof reader... because this is an online presentation... we can make corrections in the text... and because it is an extraction we would be happy to check the original book for documentation of material...

BIOGRAPHY SECTION completed project placed online 11 Sep 2002

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GLOSSARY uw = University of Washington


Snohomish County WW1 Military lists
This is actually a list of the men who died in service
during World War 1 with Snohomish County ties.


Fort Lewis WA

More Pictures from the collection of Roxann Gess-Smith

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