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. This is a copy of correspondence between CC and searcher. The information from the CC is was in the beginning usually from Cemetery lists compiled by Clara Mathias in the 60's and 70's. A wonderful lady, Clara still made mistakes as do I when I extract the information.
. The 5 Cemeteries I have in the database (not on line yet) are Bay View, Bayview; Pleasant Ridge Cem, near LaConner; Swinomish Indian Cemetery, near LaConner; Fern Hill Cemetery, near Anacortes; and IOOF Cemetery, Mt Vernon. . Please document all information presented here. Corrections appreciated.

BOLING (Original Note)
Dated October 1998
RESEARCHER: Sara Britton,, no home page (yet)

NOTE: Have data on Boling Family (seven siblings) who settled in Conway in the early 1900s. Also available: brief information on their ancestors, dating back to 1796.

Original Boling name dates back to Dalarna, Sweden. (Also spelled Bohling) This family migrated from Dalarna to Narpes, Finland. Original Boling archives can be found in church records in Narpes, Finland.

BOLING (CC Response to listing)
Dated October 1998

-- BOLING Ethel Alice 1910-1948 in Mt Vernon I.O.O.F Cemetery
-- BOLING John died Oct 1970 age 60 yrs 10 mos
-- BOLING Gladm (?) died Oct 1970 age 65 yrs buried at Swinomish Cemetery, La Connor, WA (located on Indian Land)
Sara doesn't believe these Bolings tie into hers...but she is keeping an open mind. (Darilee note)

BOLING (Second Note)
Dated October 1998
RESEARCHER: Sara Britton,

At this point, I have questions (of course), but more importantly, I have a lot of information to SHARE. The Boling/Peterson clan has enjoyed an especially close existence. Most of us are still in the area, and decendents of the folks who migrated to Skagit County at the turn of the century still keep in contact and compare notes. In fact, portions of my family still correspond with cousins at the family farm in Närpes, Finland.

My great-great-great-grandfather, Anders Hansson Böling was born July 12, 1796 in Böle by, within the Närpes parish in Finland. He married Maja Lisa Johansdotter Nordback, who was born March 7, 1799, in Nämpnäs region of Närpes, Finland. The Bölings were Swede-Finns , and followed the Lutheran faith.

Between 1822 and 1840, Anders and Maja Lisa had eight children, six girls and two boys. They were: Anna Stina, Maja Lisa, Lena Greta, Anders Henrik, Johan Andersson, Klara Sophia, Caisa and Johanna. All were christened in Böle by, i Närpes. Maja Lisa Johansdotter Nordback Böling died Oct. 26, 1875. Anders Hansson died a widower on April 2, 1880. (Church christening records for these eight children are available on-line today at

Original Närpes Church records did not document descendents of all of the children. (Church was burnt down in 1808 by Russians during the 1808-1809 war.)

My great-great-grandparents were Johan Andersson Böling/Lena Greta Eriksdotter of Böle by, i Närpes, Finland. They had 12 children, all born in the Närpes parish in Finland. Two died before adulthood. One stayed in Finland. The rest came to the United States and settled in and around Washington state around the turn of the century. Primary farms were in Conway. I have lovely historical photos dating back to the early 1900s.
Around the 1900s, primary family names in the line of JOHAN and LENA GRETA BöLING included BOLING/BURLING, TRASK/MJODTRASK and PETERSON.


The only folks missing from our JOHAN BOLING family line-up: Descendents of Lillian Hildegarde Peterson Bergstrom (daughter of Maria Gustava BöLING). She died very young and had three kids: Sandra, Cindy and Dan. Anyone knows where to find these kids, we'd love to hear from them!

Meanswhile, I also believe that descendents of both ANDERS HENRIK BöLING may have settled in and around Washington state. (This was JOHAN BöLING's brother.) My great-aunt Ruth (Ruth Boling Yates) looked into the family connections back in the 1970s (when it was a great deal more difficult to trace family histories). She located relatives who descended from Anders Henrik BöLING. According to Ruth's nvestigation: Anders BöLING married a woman named Lena and had four children: Gustava, William, Johanna and Caroline. Johanna Christine BöLING married Isaac K. Hagen and had seven children, three of whom died in infancy. Johanna¹s descendents include family names HAGEN, KING, GRIFFITHS and COOK. I believe they probably resided in Washington state. Again, we'd love to hear from them.


Sara L. Britton
- Carol Franz Britton (1943 - )
-- Mildred Trask Franz (1912-1982) and Joseph Franz (1906-1998)
---- Josef Mjodtrask (1881-1920)/Johanna Boling Trask (1877-1973)
------ Johan Boling (1828-1900)/Lena Greta Eriksdotter (1837-1897)
-------- Anders Hansson Boling (1796-1880)/Maja Lisa Johansdotter Nordback (1799-1875)

Post from CC
Dated 11 Mar 1999

. In the book "With the Colors from Whatcom, Skagit, San Juan Counties 1917 1918 1919 Washington U.S.A.." Compiled and Published by Louis Jacobin. Copyright, 1921. Printed by Peters Publishing Co., Seattle, WA 1921.
. On page 217
. Ole Alfred Borseth - Private, Motor Transport No. 737; born at Fir, Wash., Dec 5, 1895; son of Ole J. and Dordi Borseth, Fir, Wash.; entered service from Mt. Vernon, Wash., Nov. 1, 1918; transferred to Camp Lewis, Wash.; mustered out March 8, 1919.
. John Daniel Borseth - Private, 1st Class, Co. A, 8th M. P., 8th Div.; born at Fir, Wash., Aug. 28, 1891; son of Ole J. and Dordi Borseth, Fir; entered service from Bellingham, Wash., July 21, 1918; promoted private 1st class, Dec. 23, 1918; mustered out at Camp Lewis, Wash., Feb., 1919

BREES (Original Note)
Dated 18 Mar 1999
RESEARCHER: Dona Van Voorst

I was born and raised in Sedro-Woolley and have a working knowledge of all local research resources. My Skagit County surnames are: Brees, Gross, Kavanaugh, Collins - Conway and other allied families.
. My Grandfather, George Brees was born on Figalgo Island in 1892 - his father was a pioneer store owner from Ohio.
. The Gross family came to Wa. abt. 1900 - originally from Ohio - via Oregon. Vester Gross, a WW I Vet, is described in the "Boys Of Skagit County".
. The Kavanaugh family is the family of James Kavanaugh, Pioneer Sheriff and U.S. Marshall of the newly formed 'Skagit County'. He was an Irish Immigrant, born in Co. Wexford, Ireland - buried in the Pioneer Cemetery at LaConner - who came to Whatcom County (now Skagit) and married a Princess of the Skagit tribe Tol Stolah. Stories about here were printed in the 1913 and 1919 Anacortes American. It is believed that she was born on Perry's Island (now Fidalgo) in 1843. She is buried in Fern Hill Cemetery - no head stone now exists on her grave. Whatcom County historian Percival Jeffcott wrote about her, as did Ray Jordan, in his book "Ray's Writins', and the Skagit County Historian did a series on her in the Skagit Valley Herald in 1982.

BREES (Second Note)
Dated 20 Mar 1999

I also have extensive genealogies on the Barrington family and the Dalrymple family - also of Skagit County, but neither are my own family lines.
. In Re: family surnames - Collins was the maiden name of my Great grandmother Martha Elizabeth Collins Brees Kavanaugh Conway. Her mother's maiden name was Sarah Elizabeth Alwood - there are Alwoods in Skagit County that are on this line - but the line itself comes from Fulton County, Ohio. =====================================================================
CAMPBELL (Original Note)
Dated 29 October 1998
RESEARCHER: Grandma Lena

I am looking for info on an Alexander Campbell b.Jan 16 1844 d. April 27 1893 m. ?Anna Rebecca______ b.6/1/1843 d.11/28/1933. They are both buried in Mount Vernon, in a Campbell Family plot, along with children: Marion Campbell b.8/1866 near Akron Ohio (her late husbands father who married a Mollie Sawyer)d.Feb 23 1919; Alice b.1864/1865 n.Akron; Leslie b.1885 d.1961; Emma b.11/12/1901

Other children were Grace b. 1896 and Alexander b.1898 in Washington (her late husband) c1896 they were in Mount Vernon Area of Wahingson State (Ephrata)

I am not researching these people for myself, but for an 82 year old widow named Lena, who answered a posting I had on my Campbells from NY State. She apparently lives in British Columbia, 450 miles north of Vancouver!!

* * * * * * *

CAMPBELL (CC Response to listing)
Dated 29 October 1998

Hi...Some of this is duplication...but the Campbell Clan is pretty common around here. These aren't the only Campbell's buried in the Mt Vernon IOOF Cemetery I will post additional ones.
CAMPBELL Alex Co H. 104th Ohio Inf.
... Alexander 16 Jan 1844-27 Apr 1893
... Emma 12 Jan 1873-12 Nov 1901
... Anna Rebecca 1 Jun 1843-28 Nov 1933
... Marion 5 Aug 1866-23 Feb 1919
The first thing I noticed is the military reference. It could mean that Alexander served in the Civil War. Which is really cool because you/your friend can order from the Archives his military service and pension claims.
Because some of them died before 1907 they won't have death certs on the state level. It is possible maybe to order them from the county.

* * * * * * * *

CAMPBELL (Second Note)
Dated October 1998

I will be 83 in feb. and I am trying to get the Campbells lined up for my twin grandsons 28 years old who the ones that will carry on the campbell name, Unknown to me, they went to Mount Vernon, 2 years ago to look for their Ggrandfathers grave, as we knew that he was buried there. Marion Campbell, they went to one cemetary and they looked it up and sent them to this other one, but the boys did not get the name of it, Here much to their surprise they found a large Family Plot. Before I go any further, I have the discharge papers of Alexander Campbell who served in the Co H of the 104th Regiment of the Ohio Infantry Volunteers 1862-1865. and everyones surprise Alexander was burried in this family plot. along with 2 sons. Marion, my late husbands father, and a Anna Rebecca, who from the age group 1843-33, that this was Alex wife, and Mother of Marion and Leslie who we knew about, and also an Emma The boys did not know that they could get information from the office, {this site was closed, they had gone to another cemetery and the man looked up the name Marion and phoned this other place, and told them he was sending these boys over. they think it was just a caretaker, as he met them at the gate and took them to the place.
Alex of papers, had 3 children that we knew.
Alice was born near Akron Ohio, 1864-d.1968 in Mount Vernon.
Marion near Akron, 1866-d. 1919 in Benton City Wash.
Leslie born ? 1885-1961 Mount Vernon Wash.

Alice, married a ???? Stewert and they lived in Mount Vernon, until Alice death. They had one daughter Dorothy b. 1896. I do not know what the father's name was, Dorothy never married.
Leslie also lived in Mount Vernon. I visited them in about 1958 and this is when I met them. but being young then did not think about family history. They lived on Britt Road and had been there a long time. I do not know when the father of Dorothy died. What information that I have, other than the discharge papers, is what Dorothy wrote to me in 1988. her grandfather , Alex of discharge papers died in 1893.
I sent to the Archives in Washington D.C. for records of alex and yesterday after 10 weeks I got a letter saying that they had found the files and they were copied, and that they would send them when they received the $10.00 cost. and this is being mailed today. Hopefully it will lnot take another 10 weeks, and I may have some answers as to his family. will see.
But with you living near Mount Vernon, and the daughter living there after marrying a Stewert, and dorothy maybe it will help. Lena

* * * * * * * * *

CAMPBELL (CC Response to 2nd posting)
Dated October 1998

I did check the Social Security death Index and it shows that DOROTHY STEWART born 20 Sep 1896 died Feb 1989 that she was living 98273 (Burlington, Skagit, WA) her social security number was 535-44-7348 and she enrolled with Social Security in Washington state (1962).

* * * * * * * * *

CAMPBELL (Posting from Joan)
Dated October 1998

A great site for Campbell researchers CAMPBELL and GenForum

* * * * * * * * * *

Dated 4 Nov 1998

Campbell stuff found in Skagit Valley Publication of Skagit county death index pre 1908.
CAMPBELL, Alexander d 27 Apr 1893 age 49. He was male and born in Ohio. He resided in Mt Vernon. His father was Samuel Campbell and his Mother Mary Achlling
CAMPBELL, Geo no death information cert. # 782


Post from CC
Dated 4 Nov 1998

Cooper Stuff found in Skagit Valley Gen Soc. Publication of Skagit county deaths pre 1908
COOPER, Etta died 29 Oct 1903 age 3 f born Sedro Woolley no parents listed cert. # 551



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