(dab note 2000: In the summer of 1983 I visited my in-laws and begged for family information to start a family tree for my children. My father-in-law gave me the names of his brothers and sisters and the names of his aunts and uncles. My mother-in-law furnished some addresses and I wrote to his sister and 2 sister-in-laws. Finally in September I began a family newsletter. I sent these out fairly regularily to start over a 3 year period. The first two issues don't give much information... but after that... Well, take a look)

issue 1

September 1983
Dear Family:

I hope you won't feel a group mailing is too impersonal but I've been asking the same questions time after time and it seems only to the same person. I've begun sending out rough copies of the family group sheets. If you haven't gotten ont it's because I didn't know you wanted one. (Note: When I say rought I mean rought.:

THANK YOU Bertha Bednar for all the nice short stories you've been sending me. Also thank you for the information from Maxine Persons on the Persons and Grimm family.

THANK YOU Clara Thorssen, Verigina Bednar, Alta Blakely for the addresses you sent and all the information. Clara Thorssen visited with Gladys Bednar for much information and Alta Blakely has just sent tons of information.

BEDNAR FAMILY: (Jess Bednar)
Jess Bednar's Grandpa was Edward Bednar. Edward was born 27 Dec 1858 in Bohemia. He came to the US in Sep/Oct 1886. He stayed for a while in Des Moines IA and then moved to St. Paul MN. Edward had several brothers, one was called Adolph. Jess doesn't know if any of Edward's family came with him to the US. Jess reports that in the early census records of Ransey County MN there were "literally dozens of Bednar families."


Bertha Bednar believes that Frank Bednar went to Canada with his son Martin and Virigina Bednar remembers stories of Frank's missing brother who did come to the US but somehow lost touch.

GRIMM FAMILY: (Maxine Persons)
Henry and Catharine Bowers GRIM moved to Nebraska via Ohio and Iowa. They settled in an area which they named Grimton. Grandpa Henry built the house himself leaving room for shot gun barrel holes all around it. "The barrel holes were used to shoot the red devils off." (meaning Indians). He also walked with a cane but didn't need it for that purpose. When asked why he had the cane he answered with ------ to knock a few of the two-legged skunks in the head. (again meaning Indians.)


PERSONS FAMILY: (Alta Blakely)
"About Hiram Persons and the Civil War-- I heard a story a long time ago (which I must have written down somewhere but don't have time to look for) that his name was really McPerson (maybe, McPherson would be more likely) and that he was in a Confederate prison in the south. There was also a bachelor in prison named Persons. As it happend, the bachelor was to be freed. But he said to Hiram, "you have a family. I don't. You take my name and I'll stay here.""

Now, if Hiram's father was Scotch-Irish it would be very plausible that his name might have been McPerson."


It is true that Eugen Augustus Bednar (sic) was born in 1860 in Minnesota. He was married in 1883 in Grimton. A land grant may be possible for Hiram.
I've heard that Nebraska had a liberal home steading policy in the late 1800's. I know that a lot of immigrants settled in Nebraska about the same time because of the land but it is a thought.


I have alot more family history I would like to share with you. Material sent to me from the family. I would hope you'd like to hear more. It won't cost you anything....just a little time, a 20 cent stamp, and an envelope. (so 20 cent stamp is something) later.

I have asked a few questions -- some of the answers may be available to you. Will you take the time to sit down and let me know? Do you have questions of your own? Don't expect me to know the anser but I make a bet I'll find someone who does.

Do you know another of the family whose address I haven't gotten yet. Do you think they'd be interested? What the heck? Send me their address too. Have you filled out a family group sheept? Do you need more?

Have I over-whelmed you? I promist that I will only bug you every once in a while. Family history is suppose to be fun. If you don't want to be included in this kind of mailing drop me a note and say no thank You.

Thank You... Signed Darilee

issue 2

(dab note 2000: people with * were receiving the newsletter)
Children of Frank and Blanche Persons
Gene and *Bertha Bednar
Laura Phelps

....*Louella Flock
....*Dale Phelps
....*Ken Phelps
Mabel Powers
....*Bob Powers
Grace McKercher
....*Frank and Sis Ehrneiter
....*Marilyn Kalinowski
*Bud Bednar
*Clara and Donald Thorssen
*Earl and Virginia Bednar
....*Marty and Darilee Bednar
....*Mary and George Reid
....*Bill Bednar

Descendants of Frank and Maria Bednar
Martin Bednar
....*Elsie Bednar

Descendants of Ida and Eugene Persons
Clara Smith
....*Gerald Smith
....*Ida Flowerdew
Pearl Anderson
....*Hazel and Lefty Sybrant
....*Florence and Jerry Slady
Hattie Hight
....Gladys Hight
...,Helen Westfall
Nellie Langan
....*Alta Blakely
Bessie and Maxine Persons
....*Vera Ayers

Descendants of Barnard Bowers
....*Arlene Mansfield

October 1983
Dear Family

Its gets confusing to me when I think of our family relationship so I started this letter with a quick and general family pedigree chart of ALL our common relations plus I added the names of those I'm writing to along the side the connecting name. There are a new name's missing, iet. Lawrence Bednar, for whom I have no descendants address.

Some of these people are loosely related. Alta Blakely, for instant, is the EX daughter-in-law of Nellie Persons Farr Langan. Alta is also a genealogist with two books on her own side completed. In the 50's she did investigation on the Persons' branch, visiting and corresponding with many of her (then) husband's family. I appreciate her letters and her knowledge. Whoops, got a little side-tracked.

Back to addresses. I don't mind sending out copies of this newsletter to anyone closely or loosely related if they are interested in them.

Eugene Augustus Persons' name is Eugene Augustus Persons. I called him a Bednar -- I became a Bednar; his daughter became a bednar but he didn't. (This is in reference to page 2 Question in my last newsletter.)

Hiram Person's family group sheet. I sent a copy to some of you -- forget it! Don't look at it! It is very Wrong! Enclosed with this newsletter is a new and semi-Official copy.

Grimton, acording to Maxine Persons, was never really a town just a settled area near the sand hills. Somewhere there must be more information available (official type records) and I've had some good sugestions made on where to look.

I got lots of information about this Grandpa. It is going to wait for a while until I sort it out. But I do agree with Maxine Persons. I just don't believe he was a pirate. Basically because Pirates don't live in St. Charles, Minnesota. (How's that for a closed mind.)

EUGENE AUGUSTUS PERSONS: (Alta Blakey, a quote from her 19 Sep 1983 letter)

"You also speak of the fact that Eugene Augustus Persons and Ida Alice Grimm were married in Grimton in 1883. I have another note that in 1893 they moved to a homestead three miles southwest of Gross, Nebraska. Gross is in the next countywest of Knox...My ex-brother-in-law, Eugene (Gene) Farr, says he was born "on Grandpa Persons' farm" at Spencer, Nebraska. So that no doubt means the same place, since Spencer is a large town southwest of Gross. We have somewhere here a copy of a picture of the sod house which Eugene Persons built near Gross on their homestead. It has Grandma and Grandpa Persons standing out in front and some of the children, I think maybe Millie and Hubert and Elmer; don't remember for sure right offhand. Eugene Persons was not only an auctioneer. He also raised fine horses, I believe. And he was a veterinarian. I don't think he ever went to school to learn this skill, but he was very good at curing sick horses."

I asked Bertha Bednar to think back and remember a story told to her about her husband, his brothers and their childhood.

"Gene told the story of when he was a teenager and he and Harvey, Lawrence and Earl would come in the kitchen from the barn doing their chores and start dancing a jig-a-clog - one after another. They would shuffle their feet on the bare kitchen wood floor and say "Down in the barn yard -- kicking up dust" then a series of clogs -- then call out "old Lady Finnigan do it agin, agun" --then some more clogs and the next one took over."

"Grandma Bednar loved to dance and the family went to the '4 Corners' gathering place where Harvey played the violin (by ear). Gene learned to play an accordian (also by ear) but when his son, David, was old enough to take lessons, Gene bought David an accordian and took lessons along with him and got to be a very good player. Clara took piano lessons when she was quite young and became an accomplished piano player."

Think now about a fond memory about your childhood or now concerning a mutual relation (or maybe not so mutual.)**FOR US CHILDREN** Did your parents tell many stories about their childhood ie. special mischief they got into; a brave act; a noteworthy happening or achievement; or just all tales. **FOR THE CONNECTORS (I'm sorry, I'm sorry but it's the only name I could think of)** You actually knew Grandma and Grandpa and all the others. Tell us about them A description. Were they tall/short, skinny/fat, dark/light.

I would love material like Aunt Bertha's letters or such. In my last letter Isaid the only cost to you would be a stamp and envelope. Now's the time to use them.

I have run out of room but not out of information or stories.


dab note 2000: This newsletter included a family group sheet for Hiram Persons and his wife Phoebe Calkins. This fgs listed Phoebe as McKissen as this was the name orginally given me by one of the family members. I will eventually include the fgs... don't know where or when

issue 3

November/December 1983

Just got through eating that Thanksgiving turkey, ham, pie, mashied potatoes, jello salads, pie and pie -- pumkin, of course. We were lucky. 70,000 homes lost their electricity just as the turkeys got cooking good and even 48 hours later some still hadn't finished browning. We'd left the county for dinner. The problem was horrendous winds and those evergreen trees growing up here just kept falling over. So, how's the snow!!!

Darilee Bednar:

Ya, That's my name now....better then Darilee Ann Cordray. Actually, I sign my checks Mrs. Martin Bednar. (I worked hard to get that name and I kinda like it.) (dab note 2000: so 16 plus years later I'm still signing the checks Mrs. Martin Bednar as we will be celebrating our 30th anniversary in Nov 2000) My husband is Martin MacArthur Bednar, the first born of Virginia Martin (that's were the first name came from) and Earl Augustus Bednar. They are still living in Arcata CA. We were married just a little over 13 years ago and are trying to raise ??? four children: Earl Martin, 11 (Guess who named him); Erin Teresa, 8; Rachel Ray, 6; and Virginia Kay, 10 months (Guess whose birthday she was born on.)

I was born and raised within 20 miles of our present home although Marty and I've lived in California (L.A.) I suppose we like mildew. Marty worked for Boeing 15 years and now works/slaves at a salvage yard. He's into archery, black powder, hiking, hunting, etc. I enjoy reading, sewing, photography and heated water beds. Get the picture.


I've added two mare addresses to my list but the one I had for Gladys Hight wasn't correct. I've gotten so many letters that I'm afraid I've messed up my filing system - OK, how can you mess up what isn't in order. Be tolerant of me - I've got a crawling baby, nine puppies and Christmas coming.

A LETTER FROM IDA FLOWERDEW at least most of it.

... "My mother Clara Alvina said all the girls did considerable horse back riding and helped on the farm with what ever need be, around Spencer area or Gross. Said when Grandfather Eugene Persons asked for something to be done or gave an order they obeyed it. Grandfather was a strict parent. Mother spoke often of the race horses. Grandfathers auctioneering and vet work was mostly self taught from my understanding. He like to nip from the bottle also now and then.

"Grandfather and Grandmother had a hotel in Bristow, Nebr. (where I was born) but I see no one has mentioned this. I do not know how long they ran the hotel but it was the first place I remember our being. I was very small. Mother spoke of a couple of happening there. How she used to tie Gerald and Lawrence each to a tree in the front yeard because they were naughty about running away. But then they began to ask passers-by for money. They were rascals.

"When my Dad, Geo. Smith, was shingling the wash house for Grandfather, Gerald was just walking good, he limbed the ladder and began running back and forth across the roof. Mother on the ground ran back and forth holding out her apron so if Gerald fell she could catch him. Grandfather and Dad laughed and laughed, knowing if Gerald fell, he would go thru mother's worn apron.

"Grandfather was still with us when my mother passed away but his mind was gone. Some one gave him some bad whiskey and left him in an ice house. When found, he was almost dead. Grandfather was never the same again. Grandfather was tall about 6'2" - broad shoulders - brown hari and eyes. I loved him very much.

"I knew Uncle Stant Grim. He was a sorgum maker, and Ira Grim but not Henry or Hiram. Could Hiram have been a pirate before settling down in St. Charles, MN, Of after he grew up, chose that life?

"I remember the first dances at "4 Corners" in Solon Springs, Wisc. (where Blanche lived). Mother and we five children went there after Mother and Dad separated and divorced. We lived there two or three years. My sister Violet Irene died while we were there of Brights Desease.

"...I have two daughters.
Ida Karole Fowerdew Peterson married Chris Neil Peterson.

Candy Ann Fowerdew Cowger married Steven Lee Cowger.

"I have been a professional baby sitter for 25 years. Still am, but down to five children. Plan to retire completely by Aug. of '84. I piece and tie comforters and sell them. Donate some to worthy causes about 50 a year the past five years. I like to keep busy!"

HAZEL SYBRANT: She also wrote me a nice letter and I hope she won't mind me sharing this description of her mother, Pearl Anderson, who lives in a rest home in Ogallala Neb.

"Don't think my dear Mom ever met a stranger, always could see the best in people, wonderful disposition. Very independant wouldn't ask for any help if she could do it alone. Survived anthrax, typhoid fever, small pos, peritonitis after a 'miscarried baby', yellow fever, erysisilas, black widow spider bite, giving birth to 10 kids - all living except Jack Rodger who died at 6 mo., 2 miscarriages and probably somethings I've forgotten. She was going to write a book. I'm sorry she didn't."

So am I Hazel and I love Your Letter.


So what's the good news. Should I start now or make you look at the next page.... You'd better go to the next page. (dab note 2000: this was at the bottom of the page 2 and was considered soooooo 'cute' (OK you had to have been there (grin)))

When I first started writing to Bertha Bednar she sent me a clipping she had of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Bednar celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary in Ponoka, Alberta, Canada. So... Martin in the brother of Francis Joseph Bednar. There was no address. I tried a trick I was told about at a seminar - calling information and asking for a relative and being very vague about the first name. "I think his name is Martin?" The operatior was very kind and gave me three listings in that area and I choose the right one to be related too. Mrs. Elsie Bednar, Martin's daughter-in-law. She lives in Ponoka in Martin and Mary Bednar's old house. They've passed away 10-20 years ago but they left us family. I called Elsie up and talked for 8 minutes...during the day...there goes Christmas. But I got a couple more addresses and a genealogists up there. Hi Margaret and Ben. Thank you Elsie.

You were right Aunt Bertha. Grandpa Frank Bednar and his wife (we'll find out her name soon) did go north with his son, Martin. He died up there too. (dab note 2000: when we first started out the fight was what grandpa's Bednar name was... Frank or Martin. that was solved talking to Elsie...but I still made a mistake here when I said Grandpa Frank died in Canada... Nope he didn't but it took a while to find that out...)

Elsie's Address is: (dab note 2000: I won't be listing addresses or private information...)

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bednar:

They've been in touch with mary Bednar's family who are from Nebraska and Wisconsin area. I'm very pleased.


This is a story from my side of the family. I'm using it to illustrate the problems that names can cause and all that kind of stuff (actually it's a fun story.)

William Franklin Cordray was the son of James Cordray of Ohio. In 1880 he lied about his age and married Lucy Dale in Columbus, Ohio. Within the next 5 years they had two children, Lucy and William Franklin Cordray. Sometime after that, he got tired of his wife and without bothering with a divorce, he left his wife for the housemaid. The made their way west to Washington and in the process she bore him 3 children, Bertha, Florence, and Arthur (they play no more part in this story.) She died young and eventually he married a divorce woman (oh wow) and at the ripe age of 59 begat yet another son, William Franklin Cordray... (gee that name sounds familiar.) That last son was my Daddy. I'm going to leave Grandpa William Franklin Cordray now and begin on his Daddy.

William Franklin Cordray, my Daddy, had two children by his second marriage, Michael and Me (that takes care of that marriage... the first one was unfruitfull...he was away at sea.) He had two children by his third marriage (she was Japanese and that's another sotry.) Those boys were named Charles Buford and William Franklin Cordray. Alas. Marriage number four was to a Mexican lady in Mexico and was over before it began. Number five was a nurse in Colombia (the place were the coffee beans grow.) She nursed him through a serious heart attack and at the age of 53 years, he fathered another boy, William Franklin Cordray.

Soooooo I got five little William Franklin Cordrays in three generations starting with the birth of the number one in 1960-65 to the birth of the last one in 1975. It took me some time to figure out that line.

It is worth a note that my brother who isn't at all interested in genealogy but does like to drive stakes in his big sisters heart wants to name his possible son-to-be William Franklin Cordray.


I've gotten so much information of Francis Joseph Bednar and Blanche Persons I'm sending out another copy. (I hope everything is correct as listed. I hope, I hope.) Maxine sent me so much information that I need to share that I can assure you of more stories and info.


I once wrote to a relative and asked for a few stories and her reply was..."Why do you want to read that junk." Well, you've been reading and I bet you could just picture Mother Clara with that apron out-spread trying to catch that baby while the men just stood around howling... I hope she did a little cuss down later.

You don't have to write a family journal. I've found it impossible to even keep up a calendar but I've been writing stories about my good memories and some not so good ones too. My kids will read them and say, "MY Mom did that?" At least I hope so. You don't gotta but tink so all that ????

I've tried Grandma books. But I've found this nice genealogy book that has some interesting ideas on family histories. The book is titled UNPUZZLING YOUR PAST and it's written by Emily Anne Croom and published by Betterway Publications, Inc., White Hall, Virginia.

So here are some questions you might consider when describing someone. (Notice I'm using the old fashion he to indicate either sex. I don't like he/she.)

So you knew enough to answer those questions without being told, how about these?

How often did he/she/you....smoke, chew tobacco, drink, curse; travel, read; enjoy housekeeping, enjoy cooking; play tennis, gold, or other spors; ride a bicycle; skate, ski,etc; raise animals or pets; like or raise cats; like or raise dogs; sleep late, rise early, stay up late, or go to bed early?

I'm out of room again and I've got 10 more questions to ask???? MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Frank BEDNAR Family Group Sheet

issue 4


The eggs are bubbling on the stove, the turkey is thawing in the refrigerator, the baby is sleeping off a chand high, and my hubby and kids are hidding out at the neighbors. Here I am again family....ready or not.

I suppose I ought to get all the bad stuff out first....oh no not another calamity. I've tayped this newsletter before. Yep, I didn. Finished it in early February and had thirty copies made. Took the stapled together material and my blue notebook which had all my roughed in family group sheets, notes of things to do and things done, and the ADDRESSES to my volunteer job at the genealogical library. Got most everything addressed and written in and brought it all back in a paper sack. Point to know...we burn our aper garbage. Anyway my son saw this paper sack and in a frenzie of work effort burnt it. Yep to little tiny askes. So I just sat back and cried in my beer (because I don't drink it) for a while and then my ad came out in the Genealogical Helper so I'm getting lots of letters and Ida Flowerdew sent me a letter with a little money in case that was the problem. I love you Ida. Here I am again.

The reason last time newsletter was so important was I GOT A LETTER FROM ELSIE BEDNAR... the Canadian branch so with only this little note... Elsie refers to herself in third person I'll begin. I love you Elsie too.


Ponoka, Alberta
Jan. 11, 1984

Dear Darilee and All Bednars,

I rec'd your big letter yesterday and am answering it before I put it away and forget where I put it. I found it very interesting. We all remember Aunt Blanche. She visited Mary and Martin more than once I think. We all used to write to her and my daughter Joyce says she sent her last baby a quilt in 1962. I don't see how everyone down there should know so little of Gram and Gramp B. because Aunt Blanche surely knew all about them. For one thing she must have known that Great grandpa B. did not die here but went to live with his daughter Mary Simpson in Early, Iowa (I think) after his wife died. Her name was Mary or Maria too. If anyone wanted to go to Early they could likely find his grave.

Martin was buried in the same grave as his mother here. His mother died in 1920. Born in 1841. Martha Jones, (Martin's daughter) has Mary and Martin's wedding certificate so probably the parents names and birth places would be on there.

Mary Bednar's people are now mostly in Nebraska, (Joe and Hazel Katzer) in S. D. Emma Berwitz and Margaret Kein in Minnesota. Those are the ones we have met lately. We were friendly and corresponed with Frances Klempa (Mary's daughter) for years. She used to visit here before she was married.

You don't seem to have Mary Simpson's family so will send the addresses we have. Here they are:

Now I will tell you all I can about Martin and Mary Bednar (the young Martin) (By the way, Gus Bednar's widow, Katarine, was surprised to hear that the old man was also called Martin. she said Gus, her husband, had called him Frank. Named one of his boys after him.)(dab note 2000: see I told you, I had everyone confused when I started... Didn't have correct name for Grandpa. Didn't know Grandma's name. But people set me straight...real quick)

Martin Bednar, his wife, Mary, and four children came to Ponoka, Alberta in 1910. There were three boys, Bill and Gus and Marvin (who died at the age of nine likely from a burst appendex) and one girl, Martha. Another daughter, Eleanor, joined them later. At first they lived in the town and Martin Jr. had a blacksmith shop. About two years later they bought a section of land about 5 miles south. (That may have been when the parents joined them. Does anyone know?)

The boys loved their grandpa. He stayed home with them and worked on the farm while Martin who was a great sportsman took off to hunt ducks, geese, moose or what have you! Bill used to tell me stories that his grandpa had told the boys. I never heard much about grandma, Maria. I know the two women didn't get along very well. Maria was sick a lot I understand. Mary was a hih-strung nervous type, very hard worked at first, the death of Marvie almost killed her. I guess she had a nervous break-down. For the rest of her life she was almost an invalid.

In appearance, Martin Bednar was very short but strong till his neck was badly injured by a horse he wsa operating on in 1944. He was a good vet. Was kind and friendly. Liked his cigars but had few other vices. Was a good bread baker and could fry the best moose steaks I ever tasted. In 1945, he and Mary moved to town and Bill and Elsie were on their farm for 2 years until they bought a place of their own east of town. (later the farm was bought by Bill;s daughter Joyce and husband, Elmer Hagemann. Now it has two oil wells, one producing, one drilling.)

Martin and Mary were married in 1900 so celebrated their 50th anniversary and both lived for their 60th. Martin died in Nov 1967 and Mary, after living in a home for three years, in 1970. Gramp was 89 and Gram 88. they are both buried together here at Ponoka. Now something about the family.

Bill worked with Gus and his dad on the farm till 1935. In 1929 he married Elsie Kendall, the local school-marm. They moved out west where they lived in the sticks during the depression years, coming back to Ponoka in 1945. They had one daughter, Joyce, who now has three grown-up children, Miles, Laurie (married) and Ross. One little boy died at 6 yrs. Bill was never well and finally broke down in the fall of 1963. It was diagnoized as Glandualr Leukemia and he only lived till Feb. 27th. Elsie sold the famr and moved to town where she still is.

Gus worked with Bill and his dad till after Bill left when he acquired land for himself. He married Katharine Fink (Dolly) in Nov 1932/ They had six children, five boys and one girl. Gus died of a heart attack in 1961. One boy Frank has not married and is home with his mother. Ron, Ben and Larry are married. Ben is a farmed near home, Ron is an engineer in Edmonton, and Larry is an engineer in Calgary. Eichie became a priest and is present near Edmonton. Marilyn has just been married (her second) in Oct. to a farmer out west.

Martha was a nurse. She married a Welshman in 1928. Had one baby boy who died in infancy. She and her husband farmed 10 miles from town. Now Dick has emysema (sp) so the last 20 some years they have spent in California. Martha reminds me very much of Aunt Mary. She had one knee operated on this summer. Recovered very quickly in time to go south. They come back to the farm every spring.

Eleanor became a nun. She is stationed in Winnipeg at present. She did teach in the convent schools for some years, but now visits mostly in the poorer parts of the city. She comes home for a few days each summer.


(1) Bill always said his grandpa told him they came when Martin was four years old. If amrtin died in '67 at 89, he must have been born in '78 plus 4 equals 82.

(2) I think Martin was naturalized here in 1935 so he could vote for Aberhart. I know Bill had to get naturalized at that time.

(3) I had a picture of old Martin and Maria that Mary B. gave me long long ago. It is very faded, but perhaps it can be duplicated. If so I shall run it to earth (I'm not sure who I gave it to to keep.) and proceed to do so.

I am sending you some pictures of this family that should give you a better idea what we all look like. I must stop writing now as things are running together. You can't possibly realize how lucky you are to get this epistle from me. But I had to write it fast or I'd forget all about it.

It was nice meeting you all on paper if not in person. After all you really aren't far away and we are always in the same place. Would love to see any of you.

Dolly says she sent the Simpson address to Bertha Bednar long ago but never heard if she got them. Well be glad to hear from you again...and will try to answer. Sincerely, One of the Bednar women, Elsie B.

(dab note 2000: the pictures of Martin and Elsie Bednar's 50th? Anniversry were sent by Elsie Bednar. I had to scan a photocopy of them... Hopefully I will find the actual pictures and a better copy. Coming soon... who the people are)


One of the good things about my ad in Genealogyical Helper was hearing from Arlene F. Mansfield of New Mexico. It seems her great3 grandfater was a John Bowers warried to a M. Swinhart. Her line then deviates from ours with the children. Her great2 grandmother was Susan who married Henry Hoover back around 1850. If you remember our line is from Catharine who married Henry Grim. I've decided (and goodness knows that is important) that Arlene is a genuine cousin and I hope she's done more research on that line then I have. But I did go to the library and look up this little tid-bit.

VENUS NEBRASKA The cemetery is well acquainted with our kin.
. VENUS is situated in the southwest corner of the county (Knox) on beautiful level prairie. On account of the beauty of the surrounding country, the place was named by the earl settlers Venus, in honor of the Goddess of Beauty. The first settler was T. H. Boaz, who arrived March 23, 1879. Other settlers arrived here at the following dates: S. L. Whitmore, Apr 23; William White, June 3; Sarah A. Parks, Aug 19; and L. D. Wellman, December 1, 1879. WALNUT GROVE is a post office in the western part of Knox county, on the west branch of the Verdigris River. The surrounding country is rolling, timbered prairie. The first settlers in this vicinity were H. Groeling, A. and W. Suckup, A. Chicken and H. Grim and his sons, June 1873. Anna Groeling was born December 5, 1874 and was the first child born in Walnut Grove. The first marriage was that of Dr. Carvey and Miss Geraldine Bennett in June, 1876, and the first death that of Frank Bright, November 15, 1877. . The post office was established December 1, 1875, with H. Groeling, first Postmaster. The first school was taught by R. O. Newel, commencing December, 1876, in a schoolhouse completed the month previous. The first sermon was preached at the residence of D. Tenney by Rev. William Hur. D. Tenney opened a store in his house in August 1880, the first store in Walnut Grove. History of Nebraska, located at Seattle Public 1034

It is getting late. Boy do I know it. The turkey is settled away for the night and the hubby is watching old Blondie movies and I just happen to read one more paragrph further then I photocopied the material from the library book. I knew that stuff was there on Venus but did you catch Walnut Grove... I mean no Ingalls but an A. Chicken and H. Grim and sons. So what's the big deal. I spent three days doing through material Maxine Persons sent me and I happen to know that Henry Grim ended up dead in Grimton, Neb. in 1895. His daughter Mary Melissa Grimm married Al Chicken. I'm excited. Another area to look into. Matter of fact, I think I'll send you all an up-dated family group sheet on this line.