Well, this is certainly putting the cart before the horse. But it is Memorial Day Weekend and I want to do something... So here is an overview map plus two pages of the map for Grimton Cemetery

MY DISCLAIMER: I drew the maps using a kids toy drawing pad... The spaces are unequal, out of portion, and crooked. The information was extracted by me in the middle of the night in 1985 from the actual cemetery records. ( Yes I had permission ) It was a long time ago, so I don't have an active memory of what I did and why I did it. MY SUGGESTION: This extracted data is a good base for further documentation. MY HOPE: That you find great fun and success in research...and if you be a Grim Cousin... Well, hello cousin.

Grimton Cemetery located Knox County Nebraska
Page 1 Grimton Cem. Page 2 Grimton Cem.

Henry and Catherine BOWER GRIM had 15 children and 11 of those children survived to create more children...95 grandchildren in all. One of Catherine's greatgranddaughters said... Catherine had kids "from can to can not." She knew all of her grandchildren and many of her greatgrandchildren. Her oldest granddaughter was 8 years old at when Catherine gave birth to her last child, Carrie Edith in 1876.
4500 LIVING DESCENDANTS I haven't been able to make an accurate count of the descendants but if we take the 95 grandchildren and multiply them by a conservative 5 Plus children say 500 born around the turn of the century give or take 20 years. Take those 500 and multiple them by 3 (ok this might be a bit much since most of these kids were born before /around WW2.) that makes 1500. Take those 1500 multiple them by 2 making 3000 born pre 1980 and start multipling those 3000 by 1 for the next generation.
. Catherine and Henry had living grandchildren in 1985. Many of the greatgrandchildren are still with us. Even if we don't count them just add the 1500 greatgreats and the 3000 great3 it is easy to estimate 4500 living descendants and I'm not including the new generation... Like I said...

Hello Cousin

Henry and Catherine Grim's Children