Pictorial Salute to Celia, Washington State Coordinator

In the beginning there were all those people from Kentucky getting organized and a couple of people hanging out in Washington.... but really soon along came Celia, the mother of Washington USGW. Yes, I said Mother... most of us became CC's under her leadership, and she stood around waiting for us to figure out how the computer worked, and how to html, and generally let us solve our own problems with only words of great encouragement.

Well, it hasn't always been easy. There was no guide lines to be the State Coordinator...except go forth and create databases, and recruit county coordinators, and teach newbies, and act as the state representative, and be there for the complaints.

And, of course, there were complains (not all our problems were computer related)... place a bunch of individuals together and... well ... You get individual viewpoints and not all of 'em agreed with me. (yes, this is the personal part...) Oh boy, I complained and grumbled (and so did he) and Celia remained unjudgemental and gave me encouragement and he went onto do bigger and better stuff for USGW
and so did I ...

So here is my story of the great state of Washington with lots of volunteers producing lots great genealogy websites. and the fact is we couldn't do it without our Celia...


Lead on o'leader..

Sure they don't all say what I want.... but they be close
from the collection of The Millan Net