1880 Snohomish County Census

OK... My explaination... this is MY extraction of the 1880 Census for Snohomish County. I used the excellent book compiled by the Stillaguamish Valley Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 34, Arlington WA 98233; copyrighted 1989 and the original 1880 census (microfilm copy). Because it is MY extraction I decided to put 'em in alphabetical order. The numbers at the very end refers to my database number which is a pretty good transcription. You should use this extraction as a help in doing your research. I suggest that for documentation you should use the original microfilm as your source.

Washington Territory = WT . . . States = Zip Code
Keeping house = k. house . . .. Dakota Territory = DT
Father Place of Birth = FPB . . Maritial Status = MS
Mother Place of Birth = MPB . . Place of Birth = PB
Race = R
Surname GivenRSexAgeMSOccup.PBMPBFPBPrecinctno.
(BILL)KatieIF1D WTWTWTT17 R61343
(GEORGE)JaneIF37WK. houseWTWTWTT17 R61280
(JACKSON)JuleyIF45Wk. houseWTWTWTT17 R61309
(SAM)NancyIF32Wk. houseWTWTWTT17 R61214
ADAMSThomas S.WM39Mtelegraph operScot.Scot.ScotlandPt Susan610
ADAMSNellieWF20WhousekeeperWTVAVAPt Susan611
ADAMSArthurWM3SonsingleWTScot.WTPt Susan612
ADAMSMaryWF2DsingleWTScot.WTPt Susan613
ADAMSJosephMM11SonsingleWTScot.WTPt Susan614
AFFLICKWm.WM33Sdealer in logsCan.Scot.Scot.Packwood13
AH SEC CM18ScookChinaChinaChinaCentreville293
ALBEEOscarWM37SlaborerMENEIre.T28 R 29980
ALBYL.WM35divdealer in logsMEMEMECentreville444
ALLENGeorgeWM53Mfarmer Scot.Scot.Scot.T27 R61193
ALLENMaryIF45Wk. houseWTWTWTT27 R61194
ALLENMargaretMF20Dat homeWTScot.WTT27 R61195
ALLENAnnieMF12Dat homeWTScot.WTT27 R61196
ALLENWilliamMM9Son WTScot.WTT27 R61197
ALLENJennieMF7D WTScot.WTT27 R61198
ALLENGeorgeMM4Son WTScot.WTT27 R61199
ALLENMinnieMF9/12D WTScot.WTT27 R61200
ALLENElishaWM40SlaborerMEMEMET28 R5693
AMESCharles F.WM26SLaborer woodsKYKYVAT28 R291063
ANDERSONPeterWM45MlaborerPrussiaPrussiaPrussiaT28 R291095
ANDERSONNellieIF30Mk. houseWTWTWTT28 R29 1105
ANDERSONGeorgeMM10Son WTPrussiaWTT28 R291106
ANDERSONSamuelMM7Son WTPrussiaWTT28 R291107
ANDERSONCharlesMM5Son WTPrussiaWTT28 R291108
ANDERSONWalterMM2Son WTPrussiaWTT28 R291109
ANDERSONJohnMM8/12Son WTPrussiaWTT28 R291110
ANDERSONHenryMM4Son WTPrussiaWTT28 R291111
ANDERSONEllenWF18Wk. houseNor.Nor.NorwayCentreville314
ANDERSONAnieWF1D DTNor.Nor.Centreville315
ANDERSONEllenWF41Wk. houseSwed.Swed.SwedenCentreville329
ANDREWCharles W.WM26MblacksmithMEMEMEPackwood103
ANDREWCarolineWF27Wk. houseOHPAPAPackwood104
ANDREWSamuelWM3S CAMEOHPackwood105
ANDREWSEvaWF10Bat schoolIAOHNYSnohomish853
ANDREWSH. or N. J.WM42MfarmerNYNYNYT28 R29939
ANDREWSMary J.WF33Wk.houseOHOHOHT28 R29940
ANDREWSHenry P.WM7SonsingleIANYOHT28 R29942
ARCHEYIndianIM45Mboat builderWTWTWTOld River63
ARCHEYAnnieIF35Wk. houseWTWTWTOld River64
ARCHEYLucyIF12DsingleWTWTWTOld River65
ARCHEYCalpusIM10Sonsingle WTWTWTOld River66
ARCHEYJamesIM7SonsingleWTWTWTOld River67
ARMSTRONGJohnWM43Sworks lob campMEMEMET28 R29934
ARMSTRONGSusanWW50Wk. houseKYKYKYCentreville205
AUNEIndnekWM40Morgan builderNor.Nor.Nor.Centreville537
AUNEBergittaWF42Wk. houseNor.Nor.Nor.Centreville538
AUNEAnnaWF7D-S DTNor.Nor.Centreville539
AUNEAugustaWF4D-S DTNor.Nor.Centreville540
AUSTINGranisWM40MfarmerCan.NCMET27 R61236
AUSTINAmeiaWF30Wk. houseILPAPAT27 R61237
AUSTINJohnWM12Son WICan.ILT27 R61238
AUSTINGeorgeWM7Son WICan.ILT27 R61239
AUSTINEarnestWM1Son WTCan.ILT27 R61240
BABCOCK Martha W F 18 S servantMOT27 R6MOMO882
BAKER James W M 50 S laborer in woods Ire. Centreville Ire.Ire.505
BAKER Jim C M 19 S cook China CentrevilleChina China506
BARNETT Alexander W M 53 S miner Scot. CentrevilleScot.Scot.278
BARNETT Geo W. W M 29 M farmer VA Pt Susan VAVA606
BARNETT Grace W F 27 W housekeeper VA Pt Susan VA VA607
BARNETT Daisy W F 3 D   VA Pt Susan VA VA 608
BARNETT Lewis W M 5/12 Son single WT Pt Susan VA VA 609
BARNETT John W M 23 S laborer VA Centreville VA VA
BARNEY   I M 31 S laborer WT T28 R5 WT WT 926
BARTETT Danl. W M 27 M druggist ME Snohomish ME ME721
BARTETT Belle W F 18 W k. house Nor. Snohomish Nor. Nor.722
BAUMGARDT Alex W M 53 Wid laborer Baden Centreville Baden Baden565
BEALS George W M 34 S laborer NY T28 R29 NY NY1090
BEARD M. G. W M 38 M farmer IL T28 R5 OH IN893
BEARD Susan E. W F 31 W k. house IL T28 R5 ILIL894
BEARD Carrie W F 7 D school IL T28 R5 IL IL895
BEARD Nettie G. W F 4 D   IL T28 R5 IL IL896
BEARD Mary E. W F 1 D   IL T28 R5 IL IL897
BELDEN George W M 58 S shingle maker   Pt Susan    615
BELL Wm P. W M 23 S farmer IA T28 R29 IL ME 1070
BELL Greenwood I M 28 S laborer WT T28 R5 WT WT920
BERGQUIST A. J. W M 30 M farmer Swed. Centreville Swed. Swed.330
BERGQUIST Christine W F 24 W k. house Swed. CentrevilleSwed.Swed.331
BERNARD C. W M 32 S laborer Fra. T27 R6 Fra. Fra. 1330
BERRY Robt. W M 35 M farm laborer ME Ten Mile ME ME571
BERRY Mary I F 31 W k. house WT Ten Mile WT WT572
BERRY Robert M M 13 Son single WT Ten Mile ME WT 573
BETTMAN Charles W M 33 S sailor Russia Fin. Mukilteo Fin. Fin.25
BILL Swash I M 28 M farm hand WT T27 R6 WT WT1342
BLACK James W M 25 S laborer in woods ME Mukilteo MEME40
BLACKMAN E. W M 35 M lumberman ME Snohomish MEME80
BLACKMAN Frank (?) W F 34 Wk. house NY Snohomish MEIN801
BLACKMAN Edith W F 8 D   ME Snohomish MENY802
BLACKMAN Orlande W M 27 S lumberman ME Snohomish MEME803
BLACKMAN George W M 29 M lumberman ME Snohomish MEME804
BLACKMAN Annie B. W F 28 W k. house ME Snohomish MEME805
BLACKMAN A. A. W M 39 M lumberman ME Snohomish MEME806
BLACKMAN Elizabeth W F 38 W k. house ME Snohomish MEME807
BLANCHARD T. W M 35 S fisherman WI Centreville USUS225
BLANEY Robert W M 30 S laborer N Brun. T28 R 5 Ire. Ire.692
BLINEY John I M 30 M farmer WT Centreville WT WT513
BLINEY Susie I F 26 W k. house WT Centreville WTWT514
BLINEY Lucy I F 4 D single WT Centreville WTWT515
BOB Indian I M 27 M fisherman WT WT WTTen Mile584
BOB Mary I F 22 W k. house WT WT WTTen Mile585
BOC Dettef W M 39 S farmer Holstein Holstein HolsteinCentreville508
BOHAN Field W M 40 Wid farmer ME ME ME Packwood150
BOHAN Frederick W M 10 Son   ME ME MEPackwood151
BOHDISH   I M 6 Son   WT WT WT Snohomish789
BORGE Ole W M 29 S laborer Nor. Nor. Nor.Centreville367
BORMAN Geo. W. W M 40 S laborer VA VA Scot. T27 R61336
BOSWELL Thomas W M 27 M farmer Can. Can. Can. T27 R6 1294
BOSWELL Irene W F 15 W k. house IA NY NYT27 R61295
BOULET J. B. W M 45 S Catholic Priest Can. Can. Can.Tulalip185
BOUSSEAU Peter W M 52 S laborer Fra. Fra. Fra.T28 291094
BOUTWELL Geo. W M 60   farmer NY NY NYT27 R61168
BOWLER Georgia W F 34 S teacher ME ME MEPackwood143
BOYER George W. W M 21 S works log camp     T28 29 938
BRACKETT Geo. W M 38 M farmer Can. ME Ire.Ten Mile566
BRACKETT Etta E. W F 21 W k. house MN NYIATen Mile567
BRACKETT George S. W M 2 Son   WT Can.MNTen Mile568
BRACKETT Ada W F 11/12 Aug D   WT Can. MNTen Mile569
BRACKETT Mary E. W F 11 S adopted dau WT Can.WTTen Mile570
BRADLEY Josephine W F 45 Wid farming, housekeeping MO KYVACentreville229
BRADLEY Constance W F 22 D-S at school MO VAMOCentreville230
BRADLEY Josephine W F 18 D-S teacher MO VA MOCentreville231
BRADLEY May W F 15 D-S servant WT V