1862 Snohomish County

Extracted from AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF HISTORY OF SKAGIT AND SNOHOMISH COUNTIES Their People, Their Commerce and Their Resources With An Outline of the Early History of the State of Washington Endorsed as Authentic By Local Committees of Pioneers. Published by Interstate Publishing Company 1906 and republished in 2000 By the Skagit Valley Genealogical Society, Mt Vernon WA and the Stillaguamish Valley Genealogical Society, Arlington WA. Reprint located at 3rd St Book Exchange, 1615 3rd St, Marysville WA.

page 256
"In 1862 another census of Snohomish county was taken by Salem A. Woods, the sheriff, which showed the status of the county's population to be as follows

Name Nativity age
Frank Dolan Albany, NY 25
George Allen Mt. Rose, Scotland 35
Patrick McDoyle Norfolk VA 33
Andrew Johnson Sweden 33
William Hawkins Vermillion 24
George Kelsey L. I. NY 33
George Rouse Ypsilanti MI 25
Frank Buck Pennsylvania 27
Peter Voisard Stark county OH 31
Charles Short St. Louis MO 36
John Harvey Devonshire, England 30
George Walteer Cambridge Port MA 33
E. F. Cady Utica NY 34
D. W. Browning Holland 40
Jas Hayes Liverpool, England 34
P. J. Fields Franklin county MA 30
George Saunders England 30
George Fisher Utica NY 39
John Richards France 29
George Walker ... 39
John Faust Holland 30
E. H. Thompson Wisconsin 32
Rev. E. C. Chirouse France 40
George Blanchard France 42
John Gould New Jersey 38
Thomas Dixon Iowa 28
P. G. Landerville Montreal Canada 58
D. Brigham Waster county MA 55
M. H. Frost New York 55
J. D. Fowler New York 24
Thos. Hare New York 33
Thos. Ermine New York 47
Jas. A. Gilliland Charleston SC 25
P.H. Ewell Missouri 23
C. M. Stillwell Massachusetts 38
P. Golascher Massachusetts 40
A. Davis Franklin county NY 34
E. C. Ferguson New York City 29
Henry McClurg Pennsylvania 29
John Cochrane Westfield NY 31
Benj. Young South Carolina 36
William McDonald Scotland 49
S. A. Woods Fredonia NY 31
Jas. Long Baltimore MD 28
Charles Taylor Maine 30

It will be observed that the name of not one woman or child appears on the list. Family ties were unknown in Snohomish county at the time, and there were no social organizations such as obtain in older and more civilized communities. Te aboriginal savages, and of the forty-four pioneers of civilization whose names appear on the census of 1862, quite a number had been constrained to adopt some of the customs and habits of their Indian neighbors...."